Moscow: The Vibrant and Intriguing Capital of Russia

Moscow is considered the heart of Russia – a vast country covering over 17 million square kilometers. As the capital for over 850 years, Moscow is situated in a temperate part of Russia, experiencing milder winters than the bone-chilling cold of Siberia up north. With around 19 million residents densely populated into just 2,511 square kilometers, Moscow is Russia’s most popular city.

Hundreds of Luxury High Rises Fill Moscow’s Skyline

To accommodate so many people in such a compact area, hundreds of luxury high rise buildings fill Moscow’s skyline. Even modest 3-bedroom apartments rent for at least 100,000 Rubles ($1,000 USD) per month. For well-off residents and oligarchs, the cost of living starts around $2,000 per month minimum.

The Famous Moscow River Flows Through the City’s Heart

Unlike many capital cities, Moscow does not border an ocean or sea. However, the scenic Moscow River flows directly through the city’s heart, crossed by charming little bridges. This river serves as a peaceful recreation spot for residents in both summer and winter.

Extravagant Architecture in the Moscow Kremlin Palace

In central Moscow, you’ll find the grand Moscow Kremlin Palace. It’s one of Russia’s most iconic symbols, serving as President Putin’s official residence today. With Russia’s high courts and administration based here, you’ll often see luxury vehicles speeding by with sirens blaring.

Red Square Surrounds the Historic St. Basil’s Cathedral

The famous Red Square lies in central Moscow, featuring eye-catching architecture reminiscent of Western Europe. Here you’ll find the historic St. Basil’s Cathedral along with some of Russia’s most popular landmarks that draw tourists from around the world.

Vibrant Festivals and Lively Atmosphere Year-Round

Despite frosty relations with the West limiting foreign tourists, Moscow maintains a vibrant, lively atmosphere year-round thanks to its large domestic population. Festivals occur frequently, from ordinary local celebrations to major events filling up the massive Red Square with millions of cheering Russians.

Experience Moscow’s Bustling Streets and Parks

Walk Moscow’s streets and you’ll find groups of friends chatting on benches, enjoying meals at sidewalk cafes, or having photos taken by roaming photographers. Parks also overflow with residents at all hours – whether meeting up with loved ones, enjoying hookah into the night, or casually relaxing by the river banks.

Observe the Distinct Slavic Characteristics of most Residents

As you explore Moscow, take note of residents’ distinct Slavic characteristics. About 8 in 10 people have light hair and eyes, often blue or green. Their classically beautiful features have captivated people worldwide. Russians dress up even for casual daytime outings, freely exhibiting confidence without societal judgement.

Young and Old Alike Call Moscow Home

Elderly people over 65 are rarely seen out and about, usually taking the metro system between destinations. But Moscow appeals to youth as well – with 13 universities situated here. Students come from all over Russia to study and launch international careers.

Extensive Metro Network Traverses Moscow

Speaking of the metro, Moscow boasts one of the world’s most extensive public transit systems. The elegant, ultra-stylish Soviet architecture stands out at over 160 stations along 11 metro lines crossing the capital.

Opulent Vehicles Cruise Moscow’s Streets at Night

As evening falls, Moscow’s streets fill up even more. Luxury vehicles emerge including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Mercedes. Taxis crowd the elite neighborhoods like Malaya Bronnaya and Petrovka, shuttling well-heeled residents between fashionable boutiques and restaurants.

English Enough to Get By Thanks to Cosmopolitan Makeup

Despite the tricky Russian language, Moscow’s cosmopolitan makeup means English can suffice when needed. And with global influences on dining, you can always find suitable cuisine.

Moscow Hosts Celebrations for Newlywed Couples

Another common sight is newlywed couples snapping photos along the Moscow River or in elite neighborhoods. Weddings here forgo extravagant flair, instead focused on intimate gatherings of family and friends.

Moscow Remains Lively Despite Russia’s Challenges

In summary, Moscow maintains its intrigue and energy despite Russia’s political turbulence. Content residents fill the streets, enjoying life with no visible fear or oppression. For those considering Russia, Moscow remains one of the world’s most vibrant and livable capital cities.